My rates are affordable and flexible, and your work is delivered on deadline.

My standard rate is $50 per hour.

That probably won’t be very meaningful to you, because you may have no idea how many hours it would take me to do the work. That is why I nearly always follow this simple way of determining the fee:

  • Ask you for a short sample of your work (about 1,000 words or 4 double-spaced pages) so that I can assess how much editing it might need and how long it would take me to accomplish that
  • Figure out a flat fee and propose that to you as my fee for editing your entire work

That fee would not be an estimate, but a guaranteed final fee, with no surprises or extra charges at the end.

The fee of course depends on the kind(s) of editing you want. I think you would find that the sample edit on which I base my assessment would benefit you as much as it would me. It can help you decide if I would do the kind of work you expect or if I am the kind of editor you want to work with. If it turns out that we are agreeable on both sides, then we can discuss further how I could help you with your entire text.

Please contact me any time.