I offer the full range of editing services.

Perhaps you just want an editor to check the details, looking for accuracy, consistency, grammar, spelling, typos, and much more.

Or maybe you want a bit more than that: an editor to look at the quality and the style of your writing, and to offer advice on order, flow, and choice of wording.

Or, again, you may want something more “high level” than that. You may have a long first draft, perhaps, and you need someone to stand back from the whole and offer advice on what to cut, what to add, and what to rearrange.

For most clients, frankly, I end up doing all three of these things, but I am happy to focus on one or the other if that’s what you would like. What I give back to you is a Word document using track changes and also the commenting feature of Word, so that I can explain some changes and ask questions when I am unclear on a detail.

If you are already in the process of publishing your book, and your publisher or publishing service has produced pages for you to proofread, I can help there as well. I have substantial experience in proofreading, that is, editing your typeset pages for both content and look. This generally means focusing on some very minute details. I have an eye for it!

And, finally, I’m also an indexer. If you have a non-fiction book for which you require an index, I can give advice or follow your publisher’s instructions on just how detailed they want that index to be.

So, how do we get started? Please just contact me any time. All of these first consultations are free, and there’s no obligation afterwards for you to use my services.