Please contact me if you would like editing help of any kind, for a small or large project.

My services offered are:

  • Structural Editing (advice on overall structure)
  • Stylistic Editing (advice on order, flow, and choice of wording)
  • Copyediting (checking all the details for accuracy, consistency, grammar, spelling, etc.)
  • Proofreading (editing your typeset pages for both content and look)
  • Indexing (back of the book)

However, I’m happy to offer other services as well, including original writing or substantial rewriting.

Perhaps you are just getting started and need advice on how to get past the blank screen? Or you’ve written some pages already and need a second opinion on whether you are on the right track? Or you’ve written even more and know for a fact that you need a professional editor to rewrite it? Or you have done all you can with it and you need a professional editor to review it in detail. Contact me and we can talk as a free consultation.

Email me any time at, or call or text me at 613-884-8953.

(Note: for much fuller descriptions of the kinds of editing mentioned above, see Editors Canada’s excellent Professional Editorial Standards.)